Instapps is built upon suggestions/opinions of real Facebook sellers like you.
It's changing the way people sell on Facebook forever!
See How!
  Beautiful Stores
Start selling with beautiful free templates, Basic and Pre-designed theme, or go for custom design to promote your brand, do it Your Branded Way!
  Secured Environment
Instapps FB Stores are secured. We take security and privacy very seriously. Your products and transactions are safe with the Instapps system.
  Social Sharing
Social sharing buttons are added to all products listed in your store, for visitors to share to their friends and to their friends' friends and so on...
  Product Photo Upload
You can upload up to 3 photos directly to each product in your Instapps FB Store.
  Purchase History
From your Facebook Store, customers can just 'click' to keep track of purchases and update payment details when they opt for manual payment.
  Multiples Currencies
Instapps caters to the international market. Choose from 28 major currencies to set your Facebook Store pricing.
  Email Sales Alert
You and customers receive immediate email alert of transaction made at your Facebook Store. Yes, Instapps is that efficient!
  Real-Time Statistics
Monthly sales and store statistics for seller and store front statistic for visitors.
  Multiple Admins
Go holidays and let another runs your Facebook Store. Instapps allows maximum 3 store admins with limited access to manage from their own Facebook account.
Support Service 24/7
Customer satisfaction is our utmost concern. Well-trained Instapps reps are always at hand to answer all your online business enquiries. The coffee is on us!
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